Women’s Ski Rossignol Jacket

Women's Ski Rossignol  Jacket

Women’s Ski Rossignol Jacket. Designed to shed the toughest climate the women’s Ski Coat combines skiing-competition encouraged design and advanced storm defense. The completely water resistant breathable shirt contributes covered seams and water-resistant zippers for boosted weather (…)

Women's Ski Rossignol Rapide Jacket

Women’s Ski Rossignol Rapide Jacket. Zip up and discover the hill in style and comfort. The women’s Rapide Ski Shirt delivers all-situations ambiance with higher-loft man-made insulation that traps warmth along with a water-resistant breathable membrane that storage sheds cool stormy conditi(…)

Women's Ski Rossignol Rapide Silver Jacket

Women’s Ski Rossignol Rapide Silver Jacket. Zip up and explore the ski slopes in comfort and style. The women’s Rapide Metallic Skiing Shirt provides all-situations convenience. Higher-loft man-made insulating material traps heating along with a water-proof breathable membrane layer storage sheds c(…)

Women's Ski Rossignol Shiny Course Jacket

Women’s Ski Rossignol Shiny Course Jacket. Competition-inspired the women’s Study course Sparkly Shirt functions four-way stretch out for natural unhindered activity when you carve converts down the tumble collection. Water-proof zippers enhance a waterproof and breathable build to drop damp condi(…)